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Category: What is coursework PhD?

What is coursework PhD?

The fact that the coursework PhD after its preparation should look perfect and meet all the standards prescribed by state standards, every student knows. This significant circumstance affects access to protection. About what are the rules for writing a coursework PhD, we will discuss in this article.

General rules for what is a coursework PhD?

Existing requirements are well known and meet current standards. The rules for writing a coursework PhD in the following points:

  1. constructively the work should certainly contain such parts: introduction, main sections (2-4, by the number of pages 60-70, the total number of project pages is up to 120), conclusion, list of references (30-100 titles), practical part, conclusion;
  2. title page includes: name (full) – university, topic, information about the graduate and his supervisor, date and city where the school is located, in the external sheet of work on the rules used font Times New Roman, typed in 14 size, and subject is located in the center of the page and is recorded without hyphenation and abbreviations; information about the student and the supervisor is indicated with a shift to the right under the topic.

What is a coursework PhD? Rules

It is about the technical conditions of the graduation project. These rules for writing a coursework PhD are given below.

The design of each page of the diploma must comply with the following parameters:

  1. The left margin provided for stitching should be 3 cm, the header and footer should be formatted leaving 2 cm, the left indent should be 1 cm, the indent-paragraph is 1.25 cm, besides, one and a half line spacing is recommended;
  2. in the work should be used font Times New Roman 14 size and made an automatic hyphenation;
  3. the name of the sections should be numbered in capital letters of bold volume with alignment in the center without the use of hyphens and abbreviations; in lower case letters with bold volume subsections are drawn up, there is no need to indent indents;
  4. page numbering is made in the header with center alignment in Arabic numerals, page numbers are consecutive, the title page is not numbered but counted in the first page;
  5. The footnotes in the text are written in Times New Roman 10.