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How to create a resume?

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What you need to do to know how to create a resume? There is no answer to this question, and there can be no right answer, because there are no perfect summaries – an individual approach is needed in each case.

Here are some rules on how to create a resume.

Rule 1: clearly state the desired position

The title of the desired position is one of the most important points of the resume. The fate of your resume depends on how clearly you formulate it.

Rule 2: pre-determine the salary

In the field “Income” is better to indicate the specific amount of money for which you are applying. Avoid options like “19,991 rubles.” – This does not attract the attention of the employer, but, on the contrary, will cause confusion.

Rule 3: refrain from humor

A resume is a business document. Composing it, avoid irony, humor and sarcasm. Joke later, but for now the information style will bring you much better results than even the most relevant joke in this case.

Rule 4: be concise

Do not make your resume look like an epic novel, putting there the texts of articles, publications, your thoughts about the meaning of life. All this is superfluous. The summary should fit on one page, maximum two. Excessive brevity also does not add solidity – a summary with the main fields not filled out to the end and the words “I will tell everything in person” will immediately be sent to the basket.

Rule 5: Delete Unwanted Personal Information

For your own safety, do not include personal information in your resume – passport number, exact address of residence and registration, etc.

Good summary rule number 6: rate whether you need links to your profiles in social networks

Rule 7: Check Resume for Spelling Errors

There should be no grammatical errors and misprints in the resume – such CVs make a very negative impression on the employer. By the way, our site has a spell check function.

Resume 8: supplement the resume with a fresh photo

The presence of a photo in the resume is not mandatory. But if you decided to accompany the document with a photograph, remember that it must meet a variety of requirements. The picture should depict only one person – you, while your face should be clearly visible. Remember: resumes with photographs depicting the applicant without clothes (partially or completely) will not be accepted!