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What is a college coursework?

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Work on the content of the course comes to an end, is not less important task – giving it a form? Trying to navigate what is a college coursework and how it should look right. In this article we talk about it.

General Requirements of what is a college coursework

We list the most common standard requirements:

  • the structure of the work invariably includes such mandatory elements as: title, table of contents, introduction, chapters of the main part (2-3), conclusion (conclusions), bibliography and, if available, appendices. Chapters are structurally divided into subsections;
  • course work is numbered in Arabic numerals, the size of which corresponds to the size of the main font (standard size is 14); pass-through numbering, title and page with content remain unnumbered;
  • each structural component (chapter, subsection) begin with a new sheet; the text of its end should take at least half of the page;
  • A4 format, one-sided printing, one and a half spacing between lines; on the left – 3 cm indent, on the right – 1-1.5 cm; paragraph 1.25 cm, top-bottom – 2 cm;
  • alignment can be both in width and on the left edge;
  • volume – at least 35 pages;
  • a font – usually Times, Arial and Calibri are acceptable;
  • in the content make all the structural components of the work with the pages;

What is a college coursework – design

On the first sheet of work indicate the main information: the topic, school, the author, the reviewer. Structurally, it looks like this: at the top of the page in the center is the name of the institution, after two indents (two lines) – information about the faculty, the department is indicated, after 8 lines at the center – the topic, below after 2 lines – information about the student (right in column) and supervisor; The lowest line in the center is the city and the year the work was written.

What is a college coursework – a sample design of the main elements

The first major component of the work is the introduction (usually 2-3 pages). It contains information about the project methodology, goals, objectives, indicates the relevance of the work. It describes the sources that served as the informational basis for the research.

The next structural element is the main part, consisting of 2-3 chapters, which in turn should be divided into 2-3 subsections. This part of the work presents its main content.

The last basic structural element is the conclusion (or conclusions). It summarizes and draws conclusions. At the same time, prospects for deeper research on the topic are considered (1-2 pages).